To See Something Green


We just got it in! What a beautiful tree........It made its journey fine to Afghanistan all the way from America..... Everyone here is in joy to see something green! I cannot thank you enough! "I will take a picture of the tree with the soldiers today and send it too you. Thanks again

SSG Joel A. Torres II COPE Kandahar, Afghanistan

The soldiers in my company are amazed at the presence of the tree

Trees for the Troop

Dear Christmas Tree Express, The tree you shipped from your tree farm in Michigan arrived Saturday afternoon in perfect shape! It was green and fresh; as if it had just been cut. The soldiers in my company are amazed at the presence of the tree, and very appreciative for your support and generosity. It is truly amazing how something such as the presence of a Christmas Tree can lighten the hearts and minds of soldiers. I'm certain it is the connection to home and memories of loved ones which it sparks. Jason and Laura Plesscher, you have my deepest gratitude for your commitment to both my soldiers serving here in Iraq, and the other soldiers you have supported elsewhere. I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year! I have sent hard copies of the attached pictures, as well as a small token of our appreciation. Thanks again!

Captain Robert C. Horvath HHC, 40th CSG Commanding

Greatly Appreciated


From all of us here with Task Force 2-5 we thank you and your company for the trees. The troops will greatly appreciate that. Xmas will be different for us this year being without family but it's good to know that everyone back home stands behind us. Once again thanks and we'll send the pictures.

SFC Lowery

Grateful Marine Mom

Please, I am writing on behalf of my son, A UNITED STATES Marine and his unit Currently in Afghanistan. This is our son's 3rd deployment in 3 years. However first over Christmas. Is your company able to donate a tree for us to send our son. It has been so expensive sending weekly care pkgs and to purchase a tree ALONG with the trimmings would be more then we could do.. BUT as you know it will lighten their spirits while they are in harms way? While we are Celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas and the Holidays with Our Family and Friends we will send the Message to Our Marines and Sailors that We are Thinking of THEM and WE CARE! Very Grateful Marine Mom.

Michele Rooney

An amazing company. Laura and Jason are unique in all of their efforts!

I receive my Christmas Trees every year from CT Express and we love how fresh and beautiful they are. I have worked with companies throughout the Nation and it's been a pleasure to work with a family that has so much integrity. They put all of their energy into creating a lasting impression with the care and freshness of each and every one of their products. Laura and Jason are unique in all of their efforts! They have went beyond the call of duty (and continue to do so every year) with our troops that were previously in Iraq and currently in Afganistan and I can only say that - we salute Christmas Tree Express for all that you do!

Chris and Gina Harman - Michigan
Velvet Green Creations

Happy new year


I want to say thanks from myself as well as every soldier with Tasf Force Infantry BN. We would like to wish all of you a very, very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Darrell Lowery

Thanks Christmas Tree Express!

Last year my family received a gorgeous tree from Christmas Tree Express. We couldn't have been happier with our decision to work with them. Our tree was delivered right to our door and it was in excellent condition. We enjoyed the fact that it looked just like the Christmas trees out of our son's picture books. Thanks Christmas Tree Express!

Mrs. Wallace - Michigan

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