History of the Christmas Tree

How Christmas Traditions Have Leaped from the 7th Century into the 21st Century

The History of the Christmas Tree dates all the way back to Germany in the 7th Century. In a little town of Thuringia, a Monk from Devonshire brought the word of God and new inspirations to the people, families and children. His teachings influenced a movement to God and the first Christmas Tree. People revered the triangular shape of the Christmas tree as a symbol of the Holy Trinity. Legend says the people called it “God’s Tree”. Our Christmas Tree History is rooted in traditions that remain strong today.

First Recorded Christmas Tree
The tradition has survived many winters and has helped shape a Holiday full of love, festivities, the birth of Jesus, and family. The first recorded decorated tree occurred in Latvia – date 1510. A father had adorned the tree with candles to create a sky of twinkling stars through the dark night. It’s truly amazing the beautiful beginnings that our traditions were born from.

Our Modern World
The world has been met with many fast growing transformations – the internet being the hub of change and connections. What hasn’t changed – the reasons we still gather around a symbol to celebrate love, peace, and joy.

Long Lasting Inspirations
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