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APO and FPO Shipping

We’re able to ship many of our products to U.S. Military APO/FPO addresses. Some products cannot be shipped to APO/FPO addresses, all our APO and FPO available products are listed here.

When completing your Shipping Address during checkout, please make note of the following:

  • The Country must be “United States”
  • The City must be entered as either “APO” (Army Post Office)  or “FPO” (Fleet Post Office)
  • The State must be selected as either “AA” “AE” or “AP”
  • You must enter your Zip code.
  • Always remember to enter your full name, grade, and PSC or unit number.

If your  troop is stationed in Europe, Canada, Africa, or the Middle East please select AE from the “State” drop-down menu. If they’re stationed in Asia or the Pacific please select AP from the “State” drop-down menu. If they’re stationed in the Americas, please select AA from the “State” drop-down menu.

Unfortunately, we cannot supply tracking numbers for shipments to APO/FPO addresses. The U.S. Government requires that we send all shipments to APO/FPO addresses using the U.S. Postal Service.

 Example Address:
SSGT Kevin Johnson
Unit 2050 Box 3191
APO AE 09817
Orders to APO/FPO numbers beginning with 093 must be placed before the 4th of December.
Orders to APO/FPO numbers beginning with 094 to 098, or 96, must be placed before the 11th of December.

When will my products arrive?

We cut to order our Christmas Trees and ship them directly to you from Northern Michigan to guarantee maximum freshness.

Christmas Tree Shipping Map

If you select our FedEx Ground Delivery shipping service, expect your products to arrive within 2-4 days of your “Preferred Arrival Date” chosen on checkout. We regret we cannot guarantee an exact delivery date for your order, as FedEx service times are dependent on the weather and their overall package volume during the busy holiday period.

However, we will provide you with a tracking number approximately 24 hours after your order ships and you will be able to track your tree as it makes its way to you via FedEx!

Preferred Arrival Date

We allow you to choose your preferred arrival date on checkout to make sure your products are delivered at the best possible time.  Keep me your package may not arrive on the exact day, there are many factors involved in shipping during the holiday season. We usually deliver  on or within 1-2 days of the your preferred arrival date.

This year we’re shipping trees between Nov 1st and Dec 20th. Please place your order soon and reserve your tree!

Tree Information (2)

How tall will my tree be?

We harvest all trees to within a 6” height range.  For example, if you order a 6′ Fraser Fir, your tree, measured from the base of the trunk to the tallest tip, will be between 5.5 and 6 feet tall.  All our trees have been hand-measured to ensure that they fall within the appropriate height range. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that your tree will be an exact height.

How should I care for my tree?

Since our Christmas trees are harvested and shipped in the same day, you will be able to enjoy your fresh, real Christmas tree all season long.  To maximize the health of your tree, you should follow a few simple steps:

  • Before you put your tree in its stand, cut 1-2 inches off the base.  This will allow your tree to absorb water
  • Be sure to keep your tree stand filled with water
  • Keep your tree away from heat sources and open flames, including candles and fireplaces
  • Turn off tree lights overnight and when you go out

We are CLOSED for the 2016 Holiday Season